Collection: Coronavirus (Covid-19) Tests

There are now a number of different tests for coronavirus. We currently provide PCR, Rapid Antigen (Lateral Flow) and antibody tests.

We do not provide LAMP or TMA testing.

We now provide a full range of PCR and rapid antigen tests for outbound travel from the UK to meet all your testing needs. We only provide tests to travel out of the UK in clinic or video guided to reduce the risk of inconclusive results. All outbound tests come with a certificate for travel.

Currently no testing is required for any travellers arriving into the UK from another country.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Tests


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  • COVID-19 Certificate of Recovery

    We are able to offer doctor certified Certificates of Recovery for those who require this to travel having recently had COVID-19.  This involves an appointment with one of our clinicians, either in person or via video to assess for any symptoms.  We will also require official confirmation of a previous positive test.  This can be an NHS notification or email.  However, if you had a positive lateral flow test that was not reported and therefore you do not have official confirmation we cannot accept this as evidence.
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    COVID-19 Certificate of Recovery
  • Outbound ANTIGEN Test

    Pay for a single outbound RAPID ANTIGEN test here. Please note we do not perform self swabs for Outbound travel.  When you have paid for your test please use the Book Appointment button at the bottom of the screen to book your appointment.
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    Outbound ANTIGEN Test
  • Outbound PCR Test

    PCR tests are no longer available to book online.  Due to the drop in demand you will need to contact us to discuss availability. We are still able to perform this service but you will now need to contact us via email or telephone to book as we may not have courier services running everyday.  The cost of this test is £125.
    Please note we do not perform self swabs for Outbound travel.  
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    Outbound PCR Test
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Discounts Available for Covid-19 Testing

5% off all test bookings of 4 or more persons. Use code 4ORMORE at checkout.
10% off all test bookings of 10 or more persons.  Use code 10ORMORE at checkout.
We can also provide video guided swabs to suit your needs.

How Payment and Booking Works for Tests


1. Purchase your test from our website.  You will receive confirmation of payment via email.

2. Next, click on the "Book Online" button at the bottom of the page.  You can then access our calendar to book your appointment(s).

(Please contact us instead of you are not sure when to book them and we can book these for you.)

4. You will then receive another email confirming your appointment which contains a booking form as well as further instructions if you book a PCR test.  Please complete the form as soon as possible.

We can also accept debit and credit card payments over the phone.  If you prefer to pay by BACS we can generate a separate invoice so please contact us instead.

    Coronavirus Testing FAQs

    What do I do if I have any questions about booking?

    If you have any queries about our packages, tests or the booking process please send an enquiry on the website, email or call us instead. We are happy to discuss our services with you and aim to return all calls within 24 hours. At very busy times this may increase to up to 48 hours.

    Can I book my test over the telephone?

    Yes, you can book and pay for your test over the telephone if you prefer. You will still need to complete a Test Booking Form.

    What do I do if I need an urgent test and it is outside of reception hours?

    If there is no suitable test available to book online then please submit an enquiry via our website or send us an email. We monitor this 7 days a week outside of reception hours.

    How can I pay for my test?

    You can pay by debit or credit card online or over the telephone, or via BACS/IBAN payment.

    What are the options for taking the test?

    We only perform outbound tests in the clinic or via video consultation. This improves accuracy and therefore helps to prevent delays to travel due to inconclusive results, although cannot be 100% guaranteed. It also allows us to certify the person who is having the test and the date and time it was taken.

    What tests do you perform?

    Our laboratories perform a RT-PCR Test. This test is a swab taken from the nose and throat and is a test to establish if you currently have the COVID-19 virus. We also now provide rapid antigen testing. This is a CE certified nasal swab which is on the list of approved tests for Europe and the USA.  We have a nasopharyngeal option also for those requiring this type of test.

    Will the test be painful?

    No, the test may be uncomfortable and may make you cough, gag or sneeze but is not painful.

    Do you get any inconclusive results?

    Yes, inconclusive results are rare but possible with PCR testing. The best way to avoid this is to take a good sample. We therefore offer in-clinic or video consultations to assist with this.

    Will my test be repeated if it is inconclusive?

    Yes we will provide another test, with no additional charge, if your test is inconclusive.

    How long does it take to get my results?

    Tests taken before 2pm are couriered to the laboratory that day. They arrive in the laboratory either the same day or the next morning. When the tests are registered in the lab they then have up to 24 hours to provide a result.

    Results are usually available the day AFTER you have the test done. However at times it may take up until the following morning for them to be available (within 48 hours).

    Results are GUARANTEED within 48 hours of when you have the test taken at the clinic or return the test to the clinic as long as it is BEFORE 2pm.

    Are there any days that the tests cannot be performed?

    No, we offer a service 7 days a week. Our partner laboratory also process tests 7 days a week so results will be available within 48 hours of the test being taken. This includes Bank Holidays.

    How do I receive my results?

    PCR test results are now generally available to you through an electronic portal you create an account for.  Rapid antigen test certificates will be sent to you by email unless you have requested to collect a paper copy from the clinic.

    What do I do if I have not received my results?

    Please check your junk/spam folder as the email has an attachment and often gets sent there. If you have checked and still cannot locate it please call or email us. Email contact is required outside of office hours. We do not have 24 hour customer services so if you email overnight you will not get a response until the next morning.

    What guarantee do you offer?

    We will refund the cost of your test if your results aren’t available within 48 hours of having the test performed. If you opt to post your test to the lab this may also take longer and we would not recommend this for any outbound tests unless you have a long testing window (72-96 hours).

    When should I do a test for travel out of the UK?

    This will depend on the requirements for the country you are travelling to. This information is available on the FCO website. We are happy to offer advice about this also.

    Why are PCR tests so expensive?

    PCR tests require couriering and processing in a laboratory. Most of the cost of these tests is due to the high costs associated with this. We aim to keep prices as low as we can for our clients.

    Are there any other tests available?

    Currently we can PCR testing and rapid antigen testing. We also provide COVID-19 antibody blood testing but this is generally not required for travel and is a test for immunity.

    Can I change my booking?

    Yes, if your plans change we are happy to change any appointments that have been made with no additional fee.

    What is your cancellation policy?

    If you wish to cancel your booking with more than 24 hours notice we will refund your payment, but will charge a £15 administration fee per person.  If you cancel within 24 hours we reserve the right to charge you for the test in full.

    Do I need any tests for arrival into the UK?

    No, currently the UK Government has removed the need for any testing on arrival into the UK regardless of your vaccination status. You are also no longer required to complete a passenger locator form.