Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

HPV is generally an asymptomatic infection; however, it can be associated with genital warts and also is linked to anogenital and other cancers. It is part of the British Vaccination Schedule with girls being immunised aged 12-13 from 2008. It is also now being rolled out to boys of the same age from September 2019. There are 3 different vaccines available to protect against HPV. Cervarix covers 2 types of the virus, Gardasil protects against 4 and the latest vaccine Gardasil 9 now protects against 9 types. All the vaccines cover the most common types of the virus 16 and 18. At North Devon Travel Clinic we are providing Gardasil 9 for maximum coverage.

HPV Vaccination

Vaccine: Gardasil 9

2-3 doses over 3-12 months.

£150 per dose.