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North Devon Travel Clinic

Acetazolamide – Altitude Sickness Medication

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Used to help reduce the symptoms of altitude symptoms for travellers going to high altitude destinations.  High altitude is considered to be anything over 1500m but symptoms are unusual below 2500m.  Please see our altitude sickness page for more information.

Acetezolamide is the recommended drug to help prevent altitude sickeness. The recommended dose is 125mg (half a tablet) twice daily to be commenced one day prior to ascent to high altitude and then continued for at least two days after reaching the highest altitude.

A trial dose of one or two days should be considered prior to travel to check for any side effects which can include: nausea, vomiting, headache, increased urine production, pins and needles and taste disturbance.

Please note shipping of all medication will be subject to completion of a medical questionnaire which will be sent when the order is received.

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