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Emergency Medical Kit

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An essential kit for travelling to areas where sterile equipment may not be readily available. Contains a variety of needles, syringes, swabs & dressings.

  • For use by medical professionals
  • Pack provides protection for one person
  • Size: 10(h)x17.5(w)x5(l)
  • Weight: 140g

The Pyramid Emergency Medical Kit contains a range of sterile syringes, needles, swabs and dressings for use by trained medical personnel, as well as a solution administration set for blood transfusions or intravenous drips. Included is a description of the set and a request that any blood administered is screened for Hepatitis B and HIV is provided in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Urdu, and Malay.

It’s important to be prepared in countries where sterile medical equipment may not be readily available, due to the potential risk of catching Hepatitis B or HIV. In an emergency, this can be given to medical personnel to provide sterile equipment for one person. A needle for a dental injection is also included. The sterile equipment is provided individually wrapped and all sealed inside a plastic bag. This is contained by a tough polythene bag with a water resistant zipped closure.

The lightweight packaging makes this a really convenient set to carry with you, only weighing 140g and measuring 17.5cm wide x 10cm high.

A Pyramid Emergency Medical Kit provides you with the means to protect yourself in emergencies, and is an important kit in countries where good quality healthcare can’t be guaranteed.