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Lyme Disease Test Kit

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This simple to use test kit provides a certified lab report looking for the presence of the bacteria associated with Lyme disease.

  • Certified DNA testing
  • Further £37.50 testing fee applies

Suitable for use on humans and animals, our Lyme Disease Test Kit is a unique kit to test ticks for the presence of the Borellia bacteria associated with Lyme Disease.  Results are provided within a maximum of four working days from receipt of the tick as an independent laboratory report, which can be shown to a medical or veterinary practitioner.

Rapid, early treatment of Lyme disease is crucial to avoid the development of chronic, long term symptoms, however current medical testing is limited in early stage infections. Our kit is an invaluable aid in successful, rapid diagnosis.

Payment for the kit is a two stage process:

  • Purchase the kit.  The kit contains tick removers, test tube, all return packaging and full instructions.
  • Payment of the testing fee.  This payment should only be made when you have found a tick and wish to send it for testing.  It is recommended that payment is made immediately prior to the dispatch of the tick.

The kit is available for sale through any of our stockists or from our webshop.  The testing fee must be paid via our webshop, please click here to access the payment page.

For copies of our instruction leaflet and a sample laboratory test certificate, please e mail